News & Updates

Advancing diversity and inclusion at Stanford

May 15, 2019
One of our most important university-wide goals is to promote diversity and inclusion. We want to ensure that diversity of thought, experience and approach is represented in all aspects of our education and research mission and that a diversity of cultures, races and ethnicities, genders, beliefs, abilities and identities is thriving on our campus.

A window into the work of the long-range vision design teams

February 14, 2019
I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new video series capturing the work of some of Stanford's long-range vision design teams. Here, in the first of five videos, we focus on IDEAL — Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in a Learning Environment — which is one of three presidential initiatives designed to help advance our mission and put our values into action on our campus, in our local community, and in the world.

Comment period on proposed Title IX regulations

January 30, 2019
A Notes from the Quad post on the conclusion of the comment period for the U.S. Department of Education's proposed new regulations regarding Title IX.

Annual report on Title IX, sexual harassment cases

December 4, 2018
In a letter to the Stanford community, I have released our annual report on cases of prohibited sexual conduct involving students, staff and faculty during the 2017–18 academic year.

Final Report of the Provost’s Committee on Lecturers

November 8, 2018
The Provost's Committee on Lecturers has issued its final report regarding core academic teaching staff appointments at Stanford.

Preparing for our next climate survey

October 4, 2018
In April, I wrote with the news that based on the recommendation of an advisory committee of students, faculty and staff, Stanford will be joining the student campus climate survey that will be administered by the Association of American Universities in the spring of 2019. I want to provide an update on our process to prepare for this survey.

Rethinking the conversation

September 21, 2018
Last fall Marc and I launched Cardinal Conversations as an opportunity to advance the university’s commitment to the free exchange of ideas and to fostering an inclusive campus culture. Advancing both ideals together continues to be an imperative and a challenge for our community, and I want to update you on what we are doing for the coming year.

Envisioning Stanford’s future

May 7, 2018
At the annual meeting of the Academic Council, we presented a high-level vision for Stanford’s future, building on the input of many hundreds of people from across the university community over the last year. We’re excited to share this vision with our community. We believe it reflects the optimistic, pioneering, energetic spirit of a community eager to strengthen Stanford’s foundations and to expand its contributions.

Workshop on Institutional Change 2018

March 1, 2018
A workshop was held in January in which there was a presentation on Academic Governance.  The slides from the presentation and accompanying notes are available to view.

Provost's Committee on Lecturers

October 25, 2017
The Provost's Committee on Lecturers has been asked to review core academic teaching staff appointments at Stanford. Core academic teaching staff include lecturers, senior lecturers and other non-academic council appointments. Given the importance of this group to our teaching mission, we believe it is important to clarify their roles within the university, as well as identify and implement guidelines for career definition, development, and advancement in this line.